RSL Dave Elliot Shield 16_11_2019

Phillip Island Bowls club hosted the RSL Dave Elliot shield which sees teams representing their local RSL branch gather, and this year we Drouin/Warrigal, Lakes Entrance, Morwell, Moe/Trafalgar, Rosedale, Sale and Phillip Island participate.

96 players faced off, with the day consisting of 3 games in sectional play with the winners of the two sections proceeding to the final. Phillip Island was the only team from section two with three wins so progressed, and in section one Lakes Entrance and Morwell had two wins but Morwell had accrued two more shots so they advanced to the final. The two teams fought out the final over five ends, that was played in front of a very enthusiastic crowd which saw the home team get up to win 15 shots to 10.

It was a great achievement and having won the RSL Edinburgh Shield earlier in the year, which is a state wide event, made the win more special.

The catering crew lead by Ruth Partridge provided a sit down lunch and after game treats for over one hundred guests, what an effort, congratulations and thanks to them and of course to the winning players very well played.

And finally all clubs sincerely thank their local RSL club for their support and in particular our local Phillip Island branch that sponsored the day.

RSL Dave Elliot Shield Winners L – R: John Batty, Norm Waters, Sean McWilliams, Chris Fricke, Kevin Brown, John Newcombe, Daryl Major, Graeme Cornell, Jo Korda, Kevin Wagner, Allen Beddows, Bob Hurst, Peter Forest, Barrie Goldsbury

RSL Dave Elliot Shield Winners L – R: Norm Waters, Graeme Cornell, Peter Forest, Sean McWilliams from San Remo, Kevin Brown, Kevin  Wagner, Daryl Major, Barrie Goldsbury, Joe Korda, Allen Beddows, Brian Arnold, John Batty, John Newcombe, Chris Fricke. (Absent: Bob Hurst) Celebrating the Edinburgh and Dave Elliot shields

Summer Triples 14_11_2019

The Wonthaggi Holden sponsored monthly Two Bowl Triples was played this past Thursday and we had representation form San Remo, Wonthaggi, Inverloch and Traralgon RSL clubs. Every club in our association runs one of these events and with each club supporting each event the camaraderie, hospitality and friendship is always evident.

Rob Aitken, Trevor Teer and Rob Allen from Wonthaggi took out best game one with plus 16 shots. Best game two winners was the team of Rohan Walker, Jim Kirk and John Kappler with plus 14 shots.

After lunch best game three went to Norm and Lorraine Waters with Mario Micallef with plus 15 shots. Rounding it were Pat Ryan, Harry Bowman and Stuart Harvie who won best last game 12 shots up.

With two four game winners it was the team of Rob Aitken, Trevor Teer and Rob Allen with plus 43, yes that is right, who took the overall win. Hans Olierook, Di Pollok and Russell Taylor the other four game winners had plus 28 shots.

We offer a big thank you to our sponsors Wonthaggi Holden, all visitors and members for your support, and in particular the match committee and the fabulous catering team.


Triples Winners L – R: Rob Aitken, Trevor Teer, Rob Allen

Social Bowls 13_11_2019

Thursday social bowlers this week enjoyed the company of visitors from Chirnside Park and Traralgon, it’s just a shame the weather was not so enjoyable but the games went on. Bill Hathway, with Chris McIntosh from Traralgon and Jim Murray who is in the winner’s circle again, won the day. While it was the team of Serge Castel, Barb Moloney, Graeme White and Peter Dawes who filled second place.

Social Bowls Winners L – R: Jim Murray, Bill Hathway, Chris McIntosh

Midweek Pennant 12_11_2019

With all three Midweek pennant sides playing away this week things were unusually quiet at home on Tuesday. Division 1 made the journey to Tarwin Lower and came away losing all three rinks for an overall loss 55 shots to 80. Jacqui Cohen, Lois May, Di Pollock and Richard Poole went down 17 shots to 30. Jan Dyer, Jan Stubbs, Russell May and Beb Hislop lost 20 to 23. Paddy Francis, Phyl Major, Carol Hoffman and Bob Hurst also lost 18 to 27.

Division 2 travelled to Wonthaggi for their first outing on the new greens and came away disappointed going down by one shot 71 to 72. With a win a draw and a loss it was an up and down day for all players. Jan Dixon, Dorothy Wagner, Wayne Barr and Sheila Korda managed the draw with 23 shots all. Lorraine Waters Marlene Puncher, Julie Pora and John Kappler found the going tough losing 13 to 31. Gwenda Arnold, Pat Davis, Ray Pepper and Cindy Honkey almost made up the difference to get the win 35 shots to 18.

Division 3 went off to far flung Foster and like all divisions battled the elements as well as the opposition, and as it was last week got oh so close, losing 43 shots 46. Ruth Partridge, Judy Christie, Merrilyn King and Marj Beaten lost 20 to 24 and Inara Vezis, Faye Jamieson, Jan Chipperfield and Harry Bowman won 23 to 22.

Saturday Pennant 9_11_2019

Fielding an unchanged team in Saturday Pennant Division 1 Blue welcomed Leongatha, and with three winning rinks came away with a 21 shot win 75 to 54. Daryl Major, John Newcombe, Graeme Key and Wayne Barr in a low scoring 25 end game won 19 to 14 while Russell May, Glen Cohen, Guilio Marcolongo and Joe Korda also won 29 to 24. Dave Hanlon, Mike Smith, Hans Olierook and Jim Kirk rounded out the result winning 28 shots to 16.

Division 1 White with one change in the team from last week travelled to Korumburra, and after two ends the game was called off due to the rain.

Also with one change from last week Division 2 hosted an away game against San Remo as their new green is not quite ready for play yet, so they can look forward to plenty of home games after the Christmas break. It was a tight game right through the afternoon with the overall lead regularly changing. Kevin Brown, John Batty, Chris Fricke and John Routley lead all day to run out winners 25 shots to 20. John Parker, Peter Forest, Bob Carter and Paul Brown were down for much of the game but came home strongly to win 25 to 23. Norm Waters, Jacqui Cohen, Ash Alibone and John Kappler jumped out to a big lead but were eventually overtaken to lose by one shot 22 to 21 which all culminated in a 71 to 65 win overall.

Division 3 washed out at Foster last week were keen to get back onto the green and welcomed Korumburra. Despite George Mol, Serge Castel, Phyl Major and Bruce Puncher having a good win 26 shots to 14 it was not enough to cover the other two rinks going down overall 60 shots to 65. Dave Hoffman with Max Opitz, Lou Bellino and Reg Excell lost 14 to 22 while Steve Farrelly, Ian Diss, Trevor Gibson and Richard Poole also lost 20 to 29.

Division 5 Blue hosted Corinella and expected a tough game against the always strong Corinella team. With all three rinks winning it was an 80 to 61 shot win, well done to you all. Greg Dixon, Pat Ryan with Lino and Mario Micallef won 21 to 18. Jack Bell, Brian Legg, Julie Pora and Denis Oakley won 32 to 22. A strong game from Ray Pepper, Colin Binch, Greg Lyon and Sheila Korda resulted in a 27 to 21 win.

Division 5 White were due to travel to play Loch to play on the only grass left in the association, but of course the heavy rain put paid to that with the green unplayable, so forfeit points are coming their way.

Social Bowls 7_11_2019

After enjoying the best of the weather over the past few weeks our Thursday social bowlers were out in their winter woollies this week. But they still managed to get through the afternoon without much interruption, very hardy souls it must be said. Taking the win this week was Alan Price, Alan Baughurst and Jim Murray with two wins plus 31 points. Runners up not far behind on two wins and 27 points were the team of Ray Pepper, Tony Stewart and David Snare.

Winners Social Bowls L – R: Alan Baughurst, Jim Murray and Alan Price

Midweek Pennant 5_11_2019

Midweek Pennant Division 1 was at home to Inverloch and was keen to get back into the winners circle and did just that winning 76 shots to 60. Jacqui Cohen along with Lois May, Di Pollock and Richard Poole had a win 23 shots to 17. Jan Dyer, Marilyn Forrest, Jan Stubbs, home from England, and Beb Hislop, after being well behind all day came home strongly but missed going down 24 to 30. However, Paddy Francis with Phyl Major, Carol Hoffman and Bob Hurst had a good win again 29 to 13.

Division 2 travelled to Lang Lang where they enjoyed their hospitality and with the two Ray’s bowling very well won overall 87 shots to 65. Jan Dixon, Dorothy Wagner, Harry Bowman and Sheila Korda won 26 to 23 while Lorraine Waters with Marlene Puncher, Nola Brown and John Kappler lost 16 to 23. Gwenda Arnold, Pat Davis, Ray Pepper and Ray Aylen scooped the pool winning 45 to 19.

Division 3 played Wonthaggi on the Dunsmore Road Green and with both rinks getting oh so close but went down 45 shots 51. Ruth Partridge, Merrilyn King, Jan Chipperfield and Marj Beaten lost 23 to 27 and Inara Vezis, Faye Jamieson; Joan Farmer with Inga Royce also lost 22 to 24.

Melbourne Cup Day at the Club 5_11_2019

Some 70 people gathered at the club 0n Tuesday for one of our most exciting annual celebrations. It was pleasing to see that Laurie Goodman won the award for the best dressed, must have been the bowler hat, he wore it style. There was much laughter and of course there were those with extra bright smiles and it is understood that one member had the biggest smile of all! Thanks to those willing hands that organized, ran and cleaned up on the day, it goes without saying it does not happen by itself. The photos below are taken off the club camera plus two from Louise’s FB page. See you all next year.

Laurie and Hillary                                                 Julie and Chris

Ian and Louise                                                                     Ash

Classy Ladies

Unknown!                            Show me the money!

Men’s Pairs Championship 3_11_2019

The final of the Men’s pair’s championship took place on Sunday between the teams of Allen Beddows and Joe Korda, both very new to bowls, and Russell May and Daryl Major who are both Division 1 pennant skippers. Allen and Joe had beaten some very good players through the earlier rounds so were very keen to do well and after winning a four on one end were up and about. In the meantime the more experienced pair of Russell and Daryl remained focused on the task at hand and up 10 shots to 8 after 10 ends were perfectly placed. The large crowd of spectators were treated to a great exhibition of bowls, and as the game progressed Russell and Daryl held a slight advantage in the number of consistent bowls delivered. Congratulations to Allen and Joe, going down 16 shots to 20 against these two is a great effort. Russell and Daryl have had a fabulous competition and are very worthy winners, congratulations guys.

Winners Men’s Pairs L – R: Joe Korda, Allen Beddows (runners up), Daryl Major, Russell May (winners)

Saturday Pennant 2_11_2019

Saturday Pennant this week saw the two top Division 1 teams face off on our home green in very steady rain, for the points as well as bragging rights. This time round it was the Blue team that prevailed over White by the healthy margin of 92 shots to 45.

As it was the white team home game Mark Hone with Jan Van Zanen, Paddy Francis and Bob Hurst faced off against Daryl Major, John Newcombe, Graeme Key and Wayne Barr and just missed losing 20 shots to 24. Stuart Cunningham, Marilyn Forrest, Barrie Goldsbury with Brian Arnold found the going tough against Dave Hanlon, Mike Smith, Hans Olierook and Jimmy Kirk also losing 7 shots to 38. Kevin Wagner led Russell Taylor, Graeme Cornell and Ray Aylen against Russell May, Glen Cohen, Guilio Marcolongo and Joe Korda, and after pushing them all afternoon went down 18 shots to 30.

Also at home on a rainy Saturday afternoon were Division 2 and they were very keen to get the points against Tarwin Lower. Kevin Brown, John Batty, Chris Fricke and Alan Beddows were never headed and ran out winners 34 shots to 23. John Parker, Peter Forest, Bob Carter and Paul Brown were down by one shot after 20 ends but got up to win 27 to 23. And rounding out the trifecta were Norm Waters, Jacqui Cohen, Ash Alibone and John Kappler who also led all day and went on to win 32 shots to 12.

Division 3 went to Meeniyan but shared the points as play was washed out which was also the case for Division 5 Blue who had travelled to Toora.

Division 5 like Div. 2 were home to Tarwin Lower and with only one winning rink lost overall 64 shots to 73. Ken Gray, Rob Tyers, Steve Barber and Ken Linton won 19 shots to 18 and Lorraine Waters, Stuart Harvie, Julie Pora and Alan Baughurst lost 22 to 25.  Robin Blackman, Geoff Ryan, Paul Bean and Harry Bowman also lost 23 to 30.

Thursday Social Bowls 31_11_2019

Once again Thursday social bowlers got the best weather conditions of the week with sunshine the name of the game. Visitors from San Remo and Whittlesea joined us this week and for the second week in a row it was a San Remo player leading the winning team. Tony Mc Kiernan along with Trish Williams and Jim Murray with two wins plus 15 shots won the day from Bruce Puncher, Bill Hathway and Joan Farmer with plus 6 shots. Well done to you all, Thursday social bowls is such a pleasant way to get out and about and enjoy the company of others.


Winners Social Bowls L – R: Trish Williams, Tony McKiernan and Jim Murray

Midweek Pennant 29_12_2019

Midweek Pennant Division 1 was on the road again this week, this time around the bay to Corinella and found the competition to good on the day losing 64 shots to 78 Jacqui Cohen with Lois May, Di Pollock and Richard Poole lost 12 shots to 38. Jan Dyer, Marilyn Forrest, Ray Aylen and Beb Hislop also lost 20 to 23. However, Paddy Francis with Phyl Major, Carol Hoffman and Bob Hurst managed to fly the flag winning 32 to 17.

Division 2 hosted Mirboo North and two wins and a draw resulted in a 78 shots to 49 win. Jan Dixon, Sheila Korda, Wayne Barr and Harry Bowman won 32 to 13 while Lorraine Waters with Marlene Puncher, Nola Brown and Norm Waters drew 23 shots all. Gwenda Arnold, Pat Davis, Ray Pepper and Julie Pora rounded it out winning 23 to 13. Good going team.

Division 3 welcomed our near neighbours San Remo and won 83 shots to 24. Ruth Partridge, Merrilyn King, Inga Royce and Marj Beaten won 33 to 12 and Inara Vezis, Faye Jamieson; Joan Farmer with Monica Poole also won 50 shots to 12.

Men’s 21 Up Final 27_10_2019

The final of the Men’s 21 up was played on Sunday between Russell May and Hans Olierook, two of the top bowlers in the club and with similar handicaps it was a race to reach 21 shots.

Hans and Russell traded shots with nothing in the game and the bowls on display did not disappoint with fabulous draw bowling by both men. With scores pretty even it was Russell who got a four to open up a decisive break to go on to win 21 shots to 16. Congratulations Russell and to Hans runner up is a great effort.

Hans Olierook (R/Up), Barrie Goldsbury (President), Russell May (Winner)

Saturday Pennant 26_10_2019

Saturday Pennant this week was impacted somewhat by at least eight regular players unavailable due for the most part duties at the MotoGP, so most teams were affected by team selection. The predicted very bad weather hit all venues and the wind, rain and hail made for an unpleasant day on the greens, however all our teams got a result, good or bad.

Division 1 Blue travelled to Korumburra and had a great afternoon winning 95 shots to 61 overall. Daryl Major, Graeme Key, Graeme Cornell and Wayne Barr won 29 shots to 18 while Russell May, Glen Cohen, Peter Forrest and Joe Korda where ahead when it counted 30 shots to 29. Dave Hanlon, Hans Olierook, Guilio Marcolongo and Jim Kirk completed the trifecta winning 26 shots to 14.

Division 1 White at home to Fish Creek found conditions to their liking and won 96 shots to 44. Bill Francis, Kevin Wagner, Russell Taylor and Ray Aylen won 32 to 11. Stuart Cunningham, Marilyn Forrest, Barrie Goldsbury and John Mathews scooped the pool winning 39 to 5. Promoted from Div. 2 John Parker lead Paddy Francis, Jan Van Zanen and Bob Hurst but just missed out losing 25 shots to 28.

Division 2 went off to Inverloch and got close but not close enough losing overall 62 shots to 73. Norm Waters with Jacqui Cohen, Phyl Major and John Kappler had a win 26 shots to 13. Kevin Brown, Denis Oakley, Ash Alibone and Alan Beddows were neck and neck all afternoon but lost 18 shots to 26 and Paul Brown, Steve Farrelly, Bob Carter and Bruce Puncher lost 18 to 34.

Division 3 went to play the always strong Foster and found the going tough losing 56 shots to 89. Dave Hoffman with Max Opitz, Serge Castel and Reg Excell led the way with a win 28 to 22 while Phil Martin, Ian Diss, Trevor Gibson and Richard Poole lost 14 to 32. George Mol, Lou Bellino, Robin Blackman and John Routley also accumulated 14 shots but the opposition got 35.

After going down to Div 5 White last week Division 5 Blue was very keen to make amends when they hosted Fish Creek and did winning 65 shots to 59. Jack Bell, Brian Legg, Geoff Ryan and Alan Baughurst lost 19 shots to 22. Ray Pepper, Sheila Korda, Greg Lyon and Harry Bowman won 22 to 15 while Greg Dixon, Pat Ryan, Lino Micallef and Paul Bean had a win 24 to 22.

Division 5 white with the bye this past weekend enjoyed the confines of the lounge room one suspects.

Social Bowls 24_10_2019

Thursday social bowlers this week saw the exact opposite of Saturday’s weather with the temperature on the green in the high 20’s with no wind. With two teams winning both games and accumulating 31 points it went to shots up to determine the winner. It was Pam Cameron from San Remo club with Michael Haack (for the third week in a row), Bill Hathway and Ron Rogers with plus 9 shots who took the honours. With plus 4 shots the runners up team were Bob Weaver, Ed Hislop and Barb Mohoney.

Michael Haack, Pam Cameron, Bill Hathway and Ron Rogers

Midweek Pennant 22_10_2019

Midweek Pennant saw Division 1 travel to do battle with the always very strong Leongatha team and that was certainly the case with mixed results across all three rinks but a one shot win 69 shots to 68 was a great result. Jacqui Cohen with Lois May, Di Pollock and Richard Poole had a win 27 to 15. Jan Dyer, Marilyn Forrest, Ray Pepper and Beb Hislop found the going tough losing 13 to 31. Paddy Francis with Phyl Major, Carol Hoffman and Bob Hurst won 29 to 22.

Division 2 went off to Meeniyan and just went down overall 65 shots to 74. Jan Dixon, Dorothy Wagner, Wayne Barr and Sheila Korda lost 18 to 32 while Lorraine Waters with Di Bateman, John Kappler and Nola Brown won 25 to 16. Getting close were Gwenda Arnold, Pat Davis, Ray Aylen and Julie Pora losing 22 to 26.

Division 3 welcomed Fish Creek to the Dunsmore Road green and with one winning rink a 2 shot win overall was welcomed. Ruth Partridge, Merrilyn King, Harry Bowman and Marj Beaten lost 16 to 19 and Inara Vezis, Faye Jamieson; Joan Farmer with Monica Poole won 23 shots to 18.

Midweek Pennant 15_10_2019

Midweek pennant commenced this week with Division 1 hosting neighbours San Remo and started the season in fine form winning overall 92 shots to 41. Jacqui Cohen with Lois May, Di Pollock and Richard Poole won 27 shots to 10. Jan Dyer, Marilyn Forrest, Ray Pepper and Beb Hislop also won 28 shots to 19. Paddy Francis with Phyl Major, Carol Hoffman and Bob Hurst rounded it out winning 37 to 12.

Also at home were Division 2 and after being beaten by Inverloch in a practice game last week were keen to reverse the result and managed to do that with an overall win 67 shots to 60. Jan Dixon, Dorothy Wagner, Wayne Barr and Sheila Korda won 22 to 20 while Lorraine Waters with Di Bateman, John Kappler and Nola Brown after leading all day lost on the last end 22 to 23. Gwenda Arnold, Pat Davis, Ray Aylen and Julie Pora had a good win 23 to 17.

Division 3 travelled to Inverloch and found the going tough on the greens which are faster than our own turf. Ruth Partridge, Marlene Puncher, Merrilyn King and Marj Beaten lost 15 shots to 30. And Faye Jamieson, Inara Vezis, Joan Farmer with Monica Poole also lost 16 to 38, resulting in an overall loss 31 shots to 68.

Ladies Minors Championship 16_10_2019

The final of the ladies Minors championship was played last Wednesday between the old and the new, as in bowling experience with Marlene Puncher bowling for many years while her opponent Ruth Partridge has been bowling for a much shorter period. The large group of spectators enjoyed the tough uncompromising bowls being delivered with the race to 25 shots being the goal. The first part of the game belonged to Marlene with Ruth enjoying the lead in the middle section which found the score 16 shots apiece after 16 ends. However Marlene was able to string together 9 shots over the next five ends to see her close out the match 25 shots to 20. Congratulations Marlene and to Ruth what a fabulous effort.

Marlene Puncher and Ruth Partridge

Social Bowls 17_10_2019

Despite a few showers and rather a windy afternoon for social bowls this week Tony McKernan from San Remo combined with Jim Murray and Michael Haack to win the day from Bob Weaver, Monica Poole and Graeme White. Well done folks.

Jim Murray, Michael Haack and Tony McKernan

Saturday Pennant 19_10_2019

Saturday Pennant Division 1 Blue after losing to Inverloch by one shot in last year’s grand final and going down to the newly promoted Corinella last week were very keen to atone for both those events. So, on their home green they were very happy to come away with the win overall 70 shots to Inverloch’s 64. Dave Hanlon, Mike Smith, Hans Olierook and Jimmy Kirk won 26 shots to 17 while Daryl Major, John Newcombe, Graeme Cornell and Wayne Barr lost 16 to 26. Russell May, Glen Cohen, Peter Forest and Joe Korda had a win 28 shots to 21.

Division 1 White travelled to Leongatha and in difficult conditions went down overall 66 shots to 76. Bill Francis, Kevin Wagner, Russell Taylor and Guilio Marcolongo lost 22 to 26. Stuart Cunningham, Marilyn Forrest, Barrie Goldsbury and Brian Arnold just missed out 18 to 22 with Mark Hone, Paddy Francis, Jan Van Zanen and Bob Hurst going very close losing 26 to 28.

Division 2 also at Leongatha found the wind, rain and opposition to tough losing 55 shots to 89. Norm Waters with Jacqui Cohen, Phyl Major and John Kappler went down 19 shots to 36. Kevin Brown, Chris Fricke, Denis Oakley and Alan Beddows were one shot down on the last end but unfortunately could not get the business done losing 22 shots to 20 and John Parker, Paul Brown, Bob Carter and Bruce Puncher lost 16 to 31.

After a great win last week Division 3 were keen to repeat the result against Lang Lang on our home green but missed out by 1 shot. Dave Hoffman with Max Opitz, Serge Castel and Reg Excell won 24 to 19 and Phil Martin, Ian Diss, Trevor Gibson and Richard Poole also won 27 to 21. However George Mol, Lou Bellino, Robin Blackman and John Routley lost 20 shots to 32.

Division 5 white hosted Division 5 blue and the camaraderie was there but of course so was the competitive spirit. However there could only be one winner and the winner was the white team 60 shots to 56. Ken Gray, Di Bateman, Steve Barber and Di Pollock defeated Greg Dixon, Robyn Eames, Lino Micallef and Harry Bowman 24 shots to 11. Lorraine Waters, Alan Baughurst, Stuart Harvie, and Julie Lora lost 19 to 23 to Ray Pepper, Colin Binch, Greg Lyon and Sheila Korda.  While Jan Dixon, Rob Tyers, Nola Brown and Ruth Partridge lost 17 to 22 against the blue team of Jack Bell, Brian Legg, Pat Ryan and Mario Micallef.

Saturday Pennant 12/10/2019

Saturday pennant finally commenced on the 12/10 with Phillip Island teams competing in Divisions 1 (Blue), 1 (White), 2, 4, 5 (Blue) and 5 (White).

Division 1 Blue headed off to play newly promoted Corinella and found them in very good form going down overall 73 shots to 75. Dave Hanlon, Mike Smith, Hans Olierook and Jimmy Kirk won 29 shots to 21 while Daryl Major, John Newcombe, Graeme Cornell and Wayne Barr lost 21 to 27. And rounding out the results Russell May, Glen Cohen, Peter Forest and Joe Korda went down 23 shots to 25.

Division 1 White hosted Wonthaggi and found the going tough losing overall by 14 shots, which is not a lot over three teams and collectively 75 ends. Bill Francis, Kevin Wagner, Russell Taylor and Guilio Marcolongo won 30 shots to 16. Stuart Cunningham, Graeme Key, Barrie Goldsbury and Brian Arnold lead going into the last end but just went down 24 to 25. Mark Hone, Paddy Francis, Arthur Denny and Bob Hurst found the form of the Frank Seaton lead team too strong losing 14 shots to 41.

Division 2 were at home to the recently demoted Toora who were out to set the scene for a successful year and of course the locals had a different view but it was the visitors who carried the day winning 87 shots to 57. Kevin Brown, Chris Fricke, Paul Brown and Alan Beddows lost 21 shots to 34 and John Parker, Marilyn Forest, Bob Carter and Bruce Puncher fought out a draw. Norm Waters with Jacqui Cohen, Jan Van Zanen and Richard Poole lost 13 shots to 28.

Division 3 went off to Loch to do battle on one of the few remaining grass greens in our association and on a very heavy green had an overall win by three shots. Phil Martin, Ian Diss, Phyl Major and Trevor Gibson lost 17 shots to 26 with George Mol, Lou Bellino, Denis Oakley and John Kappler carrying the day winning 30 shots to 9. Dave Hoffman, Max Opitz, Serge Castel and Reg Excell also lost 17 shots to 26.

At home to Lang Lang were Division 5 blue and they managed to have a big win 110 shots to 50 with Jack Bell, Brian Legg, Geoff Ryan and Mario Micallef winning 37 shots to 22. Ray Pepper with Colin Binch, Greg Lyon and Sheila Korda won 29 to 14 while Greg Dixon, Robin Eames, Lino Micallef and John Routley had a big win 44 to 14.

Division 5 white went off to far flung Mirboo Nth and they found the greens to their liking winning overall 75 shots to 68. Ken Gray, Di Bateman, Steve Barber and Di Pollock won 30 shots to 28 and Lorraine Waters along with Stuart Harvie, Alan Baughurst and Julie Lora lost 21 to 26.  While Jan Dixon, Rob Tyers, Nola Brown and Harry Bowman won 24 to 14.

Summer Triples 10/10/2019

The Wonthaggi Holden sponsored Summer triples last Thursday saw players from Leongatha, Inverloch, Wonthaggi, San Remo, West Rosebud and Kalgoorlie gather across the two greens with much banter, camaraderie and competition on display. Best first game went to the local team of Daryl Major, Kevin Wagner and Graeme Cornell while game two was won by Lou Bellino, Ian Diss and Wayne Barr. After lunch Bob Carter, Brian Legg and Bob Hurst had a big win against a very formidable trio to win best game three. But in games three they were on the opposite side of the ledger with Norm Waters, Jan Van Zanen and Mario Micallef taking out best game four, go figure?

However it was the team lead by Barrie Goldsbury with Arthur Denny and Ian Ferguson winning their four games to take out overall honours. The only other four games winner was Bruce and Marlene Puncher with Jan Stubbs before lunch and Ray Pepper after. It was great to see team Walker with father Frank from West Rosebud, son Garry from Kalgoorlie join son Rohan for the day. Thanks to all the visiting players for your support and to the kitchen group, thank you for the fabulous offerings at lunch and post-game.

Barrie Goldsbury, Ian Ferguson, Arthur Denny

Social Bowls 9/10/2019

Social bowls this week had Rita and Charlie from the Balnarring join the locals for an afternoon of very social bowls. Runners-up were the team of Serge Castell, Di Pollock, Judy Christie and Jan Murphy, but it was team of Lou Bellino, David Snare and Michael Hood that won the day.

Midweek Pennant

This current week sees the commencement of mid-week pennant and we wish our three teams the very best in their first outing for the season.


Social Bowls 3/10/2019

Social bowls continues to attract strong fields and last week was no exception. The match committee are keen for members to support this event as it gives everyone the chance to hone their skills in a friendly and fun environment, so if you do not already attend please consider coming along. Once again it was Jan Dyer in the winner’s circle, this time with Geoff Ryan, Neville Stevens and Trish Williams with two wins plus 15 shots. While Bob Weaver, another who features on a regular basis, Ron Rogers and Joan Farmer with two wins plus 10 shots were runners-up.

L to R: Jan Dyer, Trish Williams, Neville Stevens, Geoff Ryan

Pennant news

Forty eight bowlers from the Belvedere bowls club came down last Saturday for our final hit out before Saturday pennant commences on the 12/10. We all enjoyed a BBQ lunch with John Newcombe welcoming our visitors and thanking our members who were responsible for putting together the lunch. At the end of the 21 ends it was clear that the locals had carried the day but the promise of the battle to continue next year at the Belvedere club was extended and readily accepted by John. After approximately six weeks of practice all players are very keen for “the games to begin”.

Our midweek pennant players this year have a team in division one, two and three which is much more satisfactory given we had a division one team and two in division 3 last season. With the season commencing on the 15/10 there has been a number of in house practice games which culminates in a hit out this Tuesday against Inverloch on their greens.

The board, pennant selectors and non-bowling members wish all players great success for the season as well as all other players across the South Gippsland Bowling Association. May the bowling be very social and competitive, just as it always is.


“ON THE GREEN” begins this Friday October 4th.  If you know someone that has an interest in playing bowls please invite them to come along and have a go at 3pm. Bowls and assistance will be provided. For further information please give George Mol a call on 0407 851 065.

Ladies 15 End 2 Bowl Event 29/9/2019

Sixteen of our lady members competed last Sunday for the 15 Ends 2 Bowl event which was run and won on the day. Winning through to the final were Marilyn Forest and Jan Stubbs after some very hard fought and close games. With Marilyn escaping with a win in her first round match after hitting the front in the match for the first time in the fifteenth end, perfectly timed one might say. In her semi-final against Paddy Francis after being nine all on the 12th end Marilyn was able edge ahead to win 11 shots to 10, while Jan playing against Shirley Weaver was only two shots up after 9 ends but was able to up the ante to go on and win 14 shots to 6.

After 9 ends in the final it was all square at 6 shots each with those attending being treated to some classic bowling, however it was Marilyn was able to win four of the last six ends to win 12 shots to nine. Congratulations to you Marilyn and also to Jan no mean feat in being runner up. The scones, jam and cream provided by Ruth at the end of the game were very much appreciated by the players and those watching the games.

Thursday Social Bowls 26/9/2019

A cracker of a day saw a large number of members competing for the honours at Thursday social bowls. With two wins plus 3 shots up it was the team of Jan Dyer, Tony Steward and Joan Farmer who held sway to win the day, congratulations folks. Also with 2 wins, but only 1 shot up was the team of Lou Bellino, Ed Hislop, Paul Bean and Barb Maloney but this was good enough for the runner up position. Please remember that this is a weekly Thursday event so come along members and join in the fun and frivolity, but they are also very competitive games with names in by 11.30 on the morning for a 12 for 12.30 start.

Saturday Pennant Practice 28/9/2019

The penultimate Saturday pennant practice took place last Saturday morning with approximately fifty bowlers competing in an in house game, all looking to have a good day with the pennant selectors all playing and of course watching as well. This coming Saturday we play Belvedere Bowls Club on the Dunsmore Road Greens in our last practice before the season proper commences.


Last Saturday 40 members headed off to Waverly Golf Bowls club for a practice game prior to pennant commencing. The host club was very welcoming and the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all concerned with many new team structures experimented with. Not that it particularly mattered but Phillip Island carried the day and we hope that in the future we can host Waverley Golf Bowls club at the island. A big shout out to Mark Hone who safely piloted the bus there and back, well done Mark and apparently his good form carried over to his bowls.

“ON THE GREEN” will begin on Friday October 4th.  If you have an interest in playing bowls there will be free no obligation coaching on Monday and Friday from 3pm until 4.30pm. Females and males, of all ages are invited to come and give it a go. For further information and/or to indicate an interest in the program give George a call on 0407 851 065.


The sun brought out thirty bowlers for Thursday social bowls and competition was very keen across all rinks. Ray Pepper along with Julie Pora and Trish Williams with very consistent bowls through the two games won the day. In the runners-up position was the team of Jan Dyer, Bill Hathway and Neville Stevens.

The first of our club championships and competitions was conducted on Sunday September 15 with the Men’s 15 End 2 bowl competition taking place. The final found Russell May and Dave Hanlon two of our top division 1 pennant skippers competing for the prize. The semi-finals saw Russell play Steve Farrell and he got away to a very strong start which proved to be the difference as Steve broke even after that but the damage had been done.

With Dave facing Mike Smith in the other semi-final it was thought that these two were the form players of the one day event, which proved to be the case. Mike led all the way through to end 11 but at this point Dave strung together three winning ends which meant coming into the last end Dave held a one shot lead. Despite Mikes best bowls he was unable to bridge the gap.

The final was tight all the way through with Dave leading Russell by two shots after 11 ends, however Dave was able to win 2 of the next 3 ends to go on and win 11 shots to 6. Congratulations to Dave and Russell and also to all those that competed and made it an exciting day of bowls. To those members who got out of bed early to act as markers, a big thankyou



Our new introductory program called “ON THE GREEN” will begin on Friday October 4th.  If you have an interest in playing bowls there will be free no obligation coaching on Monday and Friday from 3pm until 4.30pm. Females and males, of all ages are invited to come and give it a go. For further information and/or to indicate an interest in the program give George a call on 0407 851 065.

With the 2019/20 Pennant Bowls season fast approaching it was fantastic to have the metropolitan bowls club Parkdale bring 32 bowlers for a practice match last Saturday. With some 50 local bowlers up for a game those that did not play against the visitors played a game amongst themselves.

With the wonderful weather and fabulous lunch provided all players were up for the challenge. Everyone was keen for a great days play, firstly to experience the thrill of the game and secondly for the opportunity to promote their cause in front of the selectors. With some winning teams and some losing it was somewhat unclear as to what club won the day, but with John Newcombe having first use of the microphone he claimed a 1 shot win for the local side!!! President Mick Supple of the Parkdale club, graciously accepted the result but did invite this club to take up the challenge next year on their grass green, a challenge John readily accepted.

Everyone had a fabulous day with the game played in great spirit and friendships were further enhanced. This club is just so fortunate to have such a willing band of workers, today it was the group that provided a fabulous lunch, thank you.  Not to forget our greenkeepers, gardeners and bowls organizers of course.

Once again our greens were very busy for this week’s social bowls with the team lead by perennial winner Bruce Puncher with a score of 32 points just falling short by 1 point. However, the winning team with 33 points consisted of Graeme White, Trish Williams, Barb Maloney and they were led by Lorraine Waters. Congratulations to everyone.

Spring Triples Two Day Event at Phillip Island Bowling Club.

The annual two day Spring Triples jointly sponsored by Bendigo Bank, Bass Coast Mechanical and Towing and Blue Cross Age Care Services (Grossard Court) was held at the Dunsmore Road Greens on the 12th and 13th September.

Teams from twenty-five state wide Clubs and a visitor from Queensland competed in five games of sectional play over two days with the four sectional winners playing off over five ends.

Weather was relatively kind with the first day providing fluky winds and the second fine and a touch on the cool side.

The quality of competition was extremely high with results of three sections requiring four way, three way and two way count backs.

The knockout provided some great entertainment for an enthusiastic group of spectators who turned up to watch the playoffs. Close results continued to be the order of the day.

The results were as follows. Winners Ash Harvey (skip), Chris Owen (both from Middle Park) and David Lawrence from Glen Eira. Runners up were Tod Shannon from McKinnon, Neil Jebb from Glen Eira and Nathan Willett from Parkdale. Equal thirds were Wayne Frazer and Don Dodds both from Burden Park with Russell Taylor and Kevin Wagner from Phillip Island (Russell played on day one and Kevin played the second day. Steve Clifford from Parkdale, Chris Fricke from Phillip Island and Bruce Willett from Parkdale.

Presentations followed and all recipients were particularly complimentary on the conduct of the event and expressed an intention to compete again in 2020.
Left to right are the winners of the Spring Triples event are visiting team of Chris Owen, David Lawrence, Rosemary Pace (Blue Cross Age Care (Grossard Court) and Ash Harvey.

Left to right are the runners up of the Spring Triples event is Nathan Willett, Rosemary Pace (Blue Cross Age Care (Grossard Court), Tod Shannon and Neil Jebb.



Popular Saturday 2-4-2 sponsored by Audika Hearing saw the conclusion of this sixteen week event. Jenny Denehy and Luke Burns were in attendance representing Audika and presented the prizes to the overall winners of this four month event, Allan Beddows (winner), John Batty (second) and Daryl Major (third). The event had a total of 90 individuals who took part for varying periods of time. The event of the day was won by Bruce Puncher and Reg Excell. In conclusion a great reception was given when it was revealed that Audika would again sponsor this event in 2020.


Social bowls took place on Thursday and it was pleasant for the sixteen competitors to complete the afternoons play given recent weather related issues. The results were Runners up Graeme White, Barb Maloney, Paul Bean and Ray Pepper. The winners of the day were Harry Bowman, Joan Farmer, Eric Wild and Bob Weaver.




The end of winter was celebrated by having three days bowls (which was not the case in previous weeks). Commencing Tuesday with the final day’s play in the Palm Lake Resort two bowls triples event which saw some great competition with the following results.


The overall winners were the local team of Han Olierook, Di Pollock and Judy Christie.



On Saturday the sun made an appearance for most of the day and it was an excellent day for bowls. It was the Pairs Day (2-4-2) which is a very popular game. The winners for the day were Trevor Gibson and Mark Hone with 35 points and 25 shots up. Di Pollock and Ian Diss came second with 34 points and 27 shots up.



Thursday was the Social Bowls Day and is more relaxed day where new bowlers can get some experience playing competitive bowls. With the weather threatening there were only twelve members prepared to take the risk.  However, the weather caused no problems and the winning team on the day was the ageless Harry Bowman, a capable lead bowler close to 90 years of age. He was accompanied by Eric Wild (2nd) and Stuart Harvie (Skip)



Over the winter season the Bowls Club has three competitions each week. Tuesday is Triples Day and usually has around fifty players. Some come from neighbouring clubs, mainly San Remo, Wonthaggi and Corinella who are regular participants in the winter competitions. There are occasional visitors from Melbourne clubs, or from far-away country towns and sometimes from interstate.  Bowls clubs are friendly places and visitors know that they will be welcome whatever club they are visiting.

In recent weeks the weather has not been friendly to bowlers and on quite a few days the competitions have had to be cancelled.  Thankfully, not this week. Tuesday was cool and cloudy but there was no rain for the Triples Day.  Numbers were down and only14 keen players were prepared to risk the weather. It turned out to be quite pleasant day and visitors from Waverley Golf, San Remo and Corinella came on the off-chance they might get a game. They weren’t disappointed. Winners in the first game with 14 shots up were a local team consisting of Sheila Korda (lead), Joe Korda (2nd) and Alan Beddows (skip), The second game went to another local family combination Gloria Caile (lead) Polly Major (2nd) and Daryl Major (skip). The last game was won by the Mt Waverley Golf team, Tom Murphy (lead) Denis Jaffe (2nd) and Gary Billings (skip) with 9 shots up. The overall winners for the day was the local team of Colin Binch (lead)  Di Bateman (2nd) and Ray Aylen (skip) who won all three games. They were 12 shots up at the end of the day but the number of shots they won by was not relevant as they were the only team on the day to win the three games.

The Bowling Club is excited about a new program to be called “ON THE GREEN” which will begin on in October.  An invitation is offered for anyone that has an interest in playing bowls and there will be free coaching on Monday and Friday from 3pm until 4.30pm. Males and females, of all ages are invited to come and give it a go. Watch this space for more details.


Commencing Wednesday 6th November for six weeks there will be an event comprising one member of the Club and two other players who are interested in understanding a little more about the game of bowls. Any money raised will be donated to the Phillip Island Fire Brigade and the RSL have already contributed $1000.00 and a perpetual shield which will be inscribed with the names of players who win the competitions. We welcome the support of business houses that are interested in assisting the Bowling Club raise funds for the Phillip Island Fire Brigade. This outstanding emergency service is certainly a worthy recipient of the profits from this series of events.



On Saturday 17th August the weather improved and it was all systems go for a Pairs game (2-4-2) sponsored by Audika , the Hearing Specialists at 6 Forrest Ave in San Remo. It was a very pleasant afternoon and the players made the most of the warm sunny day that signalled that Spring was on the way..


Hans Olierook the Manager for the day partnered by the only guest, Gary Solomon from the Pakenham Club won the first game and earned 16 points., Pat Ryan and Daryl Major were 15 points  as were Sheila Korda and John Parker.  In the second  game the winners were Sheila Korda and John Parker with 16 points. Ten points are allotted for each game you win and one point is awarded for every end that you win. If two teams have the same number of points then it goes to shots-up. Two teams were level with 32 points so it did come down to shots up.  Hans Olierook and Gary Solomon won the Audika prize with plus 8 shots, Pat Ryan and Daryl Major came second with 4 shots up.




Saturday the 3rd of August. It was back to winter, showery, cold and unpleasant as play got under way. There were 32 players who courageously or stupidly braved the bitter weather and made the best of what was on offer. They were very grateful when the sun occasionally broke through and it felt a little more like spring. There were 16 teams altogether with visitors from San Remo and Pakenham. The game was played in good spirit with the top three teams only being apart by one shot. The winners were Marge Beaton lead and John Parker skip and they won with 35 points, Michael Haack, lead and Graeme Key, skip were runners up with 34 points and Pat Ryan lead and Bob Weaver skip, were close with 33 points



On Thursday the 1st day of August a small group turned out for the Social Bowls day. The spring-like weather had passed and it turned into a very cool and cloudy day with a drop of rain now and again but not enough to cause any of the 18 players to seek shelter. Serge Castel lead the team of Eric Wild (second) and Harry Bowman (lead) who won the day with Bob Weaver (skip) with Tony Steward (second) and Graeme White (lead) close runners-up. An enjoyable day was had by all but that’s what social bowls is all about



“Spring is in the air” and was very welcome on Tuesday 29th July last when a bright sunny day greeted 54 bowlers who had turned up to play Triples.  Teams from Corinella, Inverloch, San Remo and Wonthaggi were warmly welcomed as they joined the forty two local bowlers from Phillip Island.  The games are twelve ends and each team plays three games. This means they play 36 ends over the day.  That’s a pretty good walk of around 2 kilometres and most players don’t even notice it as they concentrate on getting their bowl near the “kitty” or the “jack”.  You can see that there is no gender discrimination in bowls. Men and women can play in all teams and in all grades in the club you can see that it is even reflected in the names for the little yellow ball we are all aiming at.

In the first game the experienced local team of Jack Bell (skip) Gordon Piera (second) and Reg Excell (lead) won by 6 shots. That small number of shots up means that the 8 games in that round must have been very close.  In the second game, Rohan Walker (skip) the Golf Ranch proprietor, won by 14 shots with strong support from another two handy Phillip Island Bowlers Jimmy Kirk (second) and Wayne Barr (lead)

The third game was won by a Phillip Island team with Greg Dixon (skip) Judy Christie (second) and Jan Dixon (lead) with a comfortable 9 shots win.

Phillip Island Bowlers won all three games but it was the Corinella team that took the overall prize. Michael Dady (skip) Ken McDonald (second) and Bob Glogoski (lead) came home with an extraordinary 27 shots tally which was only two less than the three game winners combined total. There were three teams which won the three games.  Frank Seaton and his team from Wonthaggi who are regular winners were 21 shots up and claimed second place and Phillip Island skipper John Batty and his team came third with 18 shots.


On Saturday the 27th the popular game of pairs (2-4-2) was well supported with around 30 bowlers who played two games of ten ends. It was a perfect day for bowls and the winners were Michael Haack and Mark Hone who were 36 shots up after 20 ends. Close on their tale was Margaret Rogers and John Batty who won both games comfortably and were 34 shots up.


On Friday night last a “Christmas in July” celebration attracted around fifty members and guests. The meal was excellent as always, Santa was entertaining and very generous with his gifts, Alan Beddows played the carols on his guitar but the carol singing left a bit to be desired. All in all it was a great night. The remarkable and talented chefs and waitresses were a highlight of the night.


On Thursday 25th July the “Social Bowls” was held on a very cold day with thankfully, no rain.  There was 18 members who braved the bitter conditions. The Winners were Jackie McFarlane lead, Trish Williams third with Geoff Ryan Skip with and the Runners-up were a team comprising David Snare, Barb Moloney and Serge Castel.


It wasn’t the weather that caused the cancellation of the Tuesday Triples this week. It was the surprise death of one of the Club’s Life Members, Les Sheppard. Les died on Monday morning the 22nd of the club’s weekly working bee. A service for the family was held at the Phillip Island Cemetary followed by a wake at the Bowling Club on Friday. The President, Barry Goldsworthy and members of Les’s family spoke about his life.  Four family members, while expressing their grief at their father’s death also told of some of the many amusing stories of Les’s life.
The President in a brief and poignant speech said that Les was a bowler of no mean ability and  was a member of the team which won the Club Triples five times and was Club Pairs Champion on two occasions with Jim Stuart, a long-time friend. He also was also in teams that won two Pennant flags. Les won the President’s Perpetual Shield twice. The President concluded that “There was a certain irony in the fact that Les had made his final farewell at a working bee at the Bowling Club”. Les was a very competent and all-round tradesman and there wouldn’t be many places on the property or on the rinks that have not had the benefit of his expert labours over the years. Les was responsible some decades ago for the erection of the first flagpole. Club members were in the process of shifting the flagpole to a new site when he died and the Committee have determined that a plague will be placed on the flagpole recognising his outstanding contribution to the club. Les was a very popular and committed member, he was a bowler that loved to win and he greatly enjoyed the camaraderie which the club offers. His death came as a great shock and he will be greatly missed in the Phillip Island Bowls Club.



Saturday 20th bowlers playing the popular 2-4-2 pairs proudly sponsored by Audika (formerly HearingLife). There were three teams who won both games and sadly the team of Julie Pora and Serge Castel missed out on the money. The team of Marj Beaton and David Hanlon were runner ups with Trevor Gibson and Alan Beddows taking home the money for the afternoon.

Thursday 18th saw sixteen bowlers enjoy an afternoon of bowls with the runners-up being Lyn Rogerson, Tony Steward, Trish Williams and Serge Castel. The winners of the afternoon were Harry Bowman, Neville Stevens, Eric Wild and Ash Alibone.


Tuesday 15th July greeted us with overcast sky with some early morning drizzle and at the end of the day the three allotted games were completed with the following results.


Winners of best first game with plus thirteen were Les Sheppard, Ian Doss and Dorothy Young from Phillip Island, best second game winner with plus twenty were Colin Binch, Barry Goldsbury and Ian Ferguson from Phillip Island, best third game winner with plus seventeen were Jack Bell, Bob Hurst and Reg Excell. Outright winners of the day were a team from Phillip Island of Hans Olierook, Di Pollock and Judy Christie with three wins and thirty-four shots on the day. Our sponsors Palm Lake Resort were thanked for their continued support and also the ladies in the kitchen



Due to our wonderful spell of winter, Social Bowls on Thursday was cancelled as was the very competitive Saturday 2x4x2. However we do have some dedicated bowlers prepared to ignore the hail, rain and very cold wind. Ash Alibone is a shining example.

It was a perfect day for bowls sponsored by Palm Lake Resort with eighteen teams (54 players) turning out to play triples on the 9th July last.

There was a large number of Phillip Island bowlers and as well as bowlers from Waverley Golf, San Remo, Wonthaggi and Inverloch, were all warmly welcome.

In the first game Robyn Dennis (skip) with Andy Dennis second and John Routley lead played a solid game and won with 13 shots up.

The second game was won by a local team with Jack Bell as skip, Reg Excell in the middle and Rob Hurst as the lead.

The third game was won by a hybrid team with two San Remo members, Rod and Laurie Olds with Alan Price from Phillip Island. They were 11 shots up after the twelve ends.

The overall winners were a composite team of Frank Seaton, Frank Cimino and Guilio Marcolonga. They had three wins with their aggregate score amounting to 34 shots up. They are a very strong team, and were winners of the second game last week  and such frequent winners that one droll opponent humorously suggested that, like golfers these guys should be given a handicap.

A special thankyou was given to the ladies in the kitchen who once again provided hot food for lunch and after game as well as the bar staff.

Phillip Island Bowls Club 30/6/19

Bowlers experienced a range of weather conditions last week. Bitterly cold, Tuesday, bright sunshine, Thursday and pelting rain on Saturday that caused the second game to be cancelled.

Sixty-six members and guest’s turned out to play triples on Tuesday in the icy cold, no rain and little sunshine. The day attracted sixty six players with teams from five clubs, Wonthaggi, Inverloch, San Remo, Glen Waverley and Waverley Golf.  There are three games of fourteen ends. Winners of the first game was the Inverloch team of Frank Cimino (lead) Guilio Marcolongo second and the skipper Frank Seaton, the East Gippsland Singles Champion.  A Phillip Island team, Wayne Barr, Jimmy Kirk and Rohan Walker took the second game and Pat Ryan and the Korda’s, Joe and Sheila the third game prize.  The overall winners for the day were Ian Diss (lead) Jay Allen Doyle (second) with Phyllis Major (skip).

It turned out to be an unusual day. At the end of game two there were five undefeated teams. By the end of game three every team had experienced a loss or a draw.  Phyllis’s team had two wins and a draw and were eleven shots up. Normally, to claim the prize for the overall day you need to win the three games by a pretty good margin.  Not, last Tuesday week.

The thirty players who turned out for Social Bowls on Thursday enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon in the sunshine.  Several new players were welcomed. The Social Bowls Day provides a wonderful opportunity for new recruits to enjoy a game of bowls and learn a few tricks of the trade. New members are always warmly welcomed.   The winners for the day were a team skippered by former club champion, Hans Olierook, Inara Vezis was second and Neville Stevens lead. Runners up were Barbara Maloney, Ron Rogers and Serge Castel, skipper.

Rain was predicted for Saturday and only one game was played due to the heavy downfall of rain that arrived as predicted.  The game is known as the “two, four, two”. Two players a team. The first player puts down two bowls, the second plays four and the player who bowled first returns to play the last two bowls.  It is a very popular format but the rain did what was predicted and washed out the second game.  As a result of this all the teams score cards were fanned with the three places being drawn at random. So our club president Barrie Goldsbury and his partner for the day were fortunate to not only win their one game but also the randomly drawn first prize.

An opportunity to retire to the club house and enjoy the opportunity for a chat and a few drinks was a pleasant substitute to playing in the heavy rain.


After a mixed week the weather on Saturday for 2-4-2 started out a bit ordinary with a few showers but within a short time we ended up with a sunny afternoon. Twenty teams competed on the day with visitors from Wonthaggi and Pakenham. For the fourth week in a row there were five two game winners so of course this meant disappointment for some, if being out and about having a very enjoyable afternoon is cause for disappointment! Sneaking into third place with 32 points were Norm Waters and Alan Beddows with thirty two points, while Bob Weaver and Anne Allen were runners up with thirty four shots which on most days would be a winning margin, but not today. But with 35 points, meaning they won 15 out of the 20 ends played, were the formidable team of John Batty and from Pakenham Gary Salomon. Well done boys.

Despite the poor weather outlook the match committee called the Tuesday 2 bowl triples a go at 8 am on Tuesday. Why the 8am?  If the day is called off this gives the organizer’s time to inform off the island people before they set off for the game. 48 players enjoyed the two games before lunch with the team of Hans Olierook, Di Pollock and Judy Christie winning best first game. Ironically the team of Chris Fricke and Alan Baughurst who were on the other side of best first game were the winners of best second game, go figure. These guys played as a pair as one of the players who had nominated for the day was unfortunately unable to make it. After a lovely lunch of homemade soup tracks were made back onto the green where approximately 3 ends were played before the heavens opened up and that was the day. So with five two game winning teams it was the team of Jack Bell, Reg Excell and Alan Beddows who won the day with plus 15 shots.

As the weeks go by we see more of our members’ pack the bags and head north to warmer weather. Enjoy the winter and we look forward to seeing you all back in September, refreshed and ready for a big summer season of bowls. Having said that forty four players turned up on Saturday for a game of 2-4-2 and everyone enjoyed a pleasant day without rain. With four two game winners’ two wins and 30 points was not enough for Di Pollock and Brian Legg so Gordon Piera and Jan Dixon took third place with 31 points plus 2 shots. Runners-up with two wins, 31 points plus 12 shots were Chris Fricke and Harry Bowman. While Les Sheppard and Julie Pora with two wins and 32 points carried the day, congratulations to them. It was a big win for Julie very early in her bowls career.

A sunny day with a “cooling” breeze saw 25 bowlers on the greens for social bowls this week with the team of Ron Rogers, Joan Farmer and Patrick Ryan winning their two games by 10 shots which was good enough for the runners-up prize. However, it was the irrepressible pairing of Bruce Puncher and Harry Bowman along with the competitive Shirley Weaver that were unbeatable in winning their two games with plus 12 shots who won the day.


Sixty bowlers were on the Dunsmore Road greens for the weekly two bowl triples and as well as local members we had players from Mt Waverley Golf, Wonthaggi, Glen Waverley, Inverloch and San Remo. Out of the blocks early were the team of Frank Seaton, Aldo Satori and Frank Cimino who won the first game by 16 shots, while game two went to Chris Fricke and Bob and Shirley Weaver with plus 12 shots. After lunch it was Rod and Laure Olds from San Remo along with Julian Wildenberg from Wonthaggi who won best game three with plus 13 shots. But it was the very experienced team of Phyllis Major, Jay Allen-Dayle and Ian Diss with three wins plus 20 shots who won overall.


Eighteen hardy souls fronted up for social bowls on Thursday and with Bob Weaver leading the team from the front with his bionic arm, ably supported by Marlene Puncher with her new bionic arm and Eric Wild with his bionic eyepiece won the day, understandably! While Geoff Ryan with Tony Steward and Lyn Rogerson were runners up. Congratulations to you all.



Our Saturday 2-4-2 event was well supported again with 24 teams competing in rather mild conditions with no rain and we welcomed visitors from Wonthaggi and Pakenham. With five two game winners there was disappointment for some but Daryl Major and Marlene Puncher with 32 points were happy to take third place. The old and the new as in members Joe Korda and Marj Beaton with 33 points were runners up to the winning team of Arthur Denny and Inga Royce with 34 points.

Another afternoon without rain saw 24 teams compete in the Saturday 2-4-2 competition, it was overcast and cool but everyone enjoyed the two games of ten ends. Third place with two wins, 33 points and 7 shots up went to Norm Waters and Greg Lyon, with Arthur Denny and Judy Christie runners-up with 33 points, plus 12 shots. However, it was the team of Daryl Major and Sam Cachia with 2 wins, 34 points with 21 shots up who won the day.

Tuesday saw visitors from Corinella, Wonthaggi, Inverloch and Glen Waverley making up 22 teams to play in the weekly 2 bowl triples. Best first game was won by the team of Jack Bell, Bob Hurst and Reg Excell with 7 shots up from two other teams on plus 7, but separated by percentage. While best second game went to Kevin Brown, Alan Price and Alan Baughurst with 10 shots up.  After a satisfying lunch the team of Phyl Major, Jaye Allen-Dayle and Ian Diss with 12 shots up won best game three. The overall win went to the composite team of Frank Seaton from Inverloch, Frank Cimino from Wonthaggi and Guilio Marcolongo from the Phillip Island club with three wins plus 21 shots, well done guys.


Mick Evans from Harcourt joined 22 locals for Thursday social bowls this week with another balmy autumn day. Bruce Puncher along with Ed Hislop, Trish Williams and Neville Stevens with two wins and 12 shots up was enough to get runners-up honours. But it was the very strong team of Hans Olierook, Serge Castel, Barb Maloney and Joan Farmer who took the cake with two wins plus 16 shots.